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About Our Vintage Artwork Gallery

The Jack Wood Gallery was founded in October 1998 and has been visited by new and seasoned collectors from all over the country. Our gallery has maintained a reputation as the premier location for quality vintage artwork from the 19th and 20th century. The collection has been built and continues to evolve around two basic themes.

The first theme is the visual or visceral appeal of the works themselves. The second is what they represent in terms of lithographic excellence, historical and political significance, and as landmarks in the history of graphic design. To a lesser extent but of equal importance, we are always seeking to maintain a representative inventory of key artists and subject areas.

Why Cincinnati?

From the middle of the 1800s, Cincinnati, OH, was home to some of the most highly regarded printing companies in the world. The Strobridge Company, in particular, stood tall as the premier poster printer in this country for decades. We are fortunate to have some strong examples of their work in our gallery. Others, such as Donaldson, Russell-Morgan, and Enquirer, did work of exceptional quality which is prized today not only for its collectability but its decorative value as well.

Madame Sans-Gene Poster